Alumni Updates

Special thanks to our 2012 Aidan Alumni Night Panelists: Lucia Braddock (2002-2012), Sofia Brown (2003-2012), Ariel Garfield (2003-2012), and Simon Wright (1997-2007). These alumni shared what they loved most about Aidan, what they missed about our school, and most importantly, how it has helped them in their future schools. 

Miriam (Arnold) Lippe  (1975-1977) checked-in to let us know that she is a Montessori teacher, mother, and parent educator. 

Richee Smith (1975-1977) stopped by the Aidan Montessori School table at a recent School Fair. 

Ernest Jackson (1975-1977) and James Jackson (1975-1977) both graduated from Catholic University and currently live in the Washington, DC area.

Walter Ellis (1975-1984) and Jenna Adams (1987-1989) were in touch with Aidan during our 50th Anniversary Year – both are in the DC area and are doing well. Jenna filled us in on another local alumna, Natalie Randolph (1984-1988), who is coaching high school varsity football. 

Sondra Dorsey (1980-1986) shared that she had such wonderful memories of her Aidan education that she became a Montessori teacher. After several years in the DC area, she has recently relocated to the West Coast.

Congratulations to Kathryn (Hoffman) Young (1982-1988) on the addition of her son Ethan to her family. 

Nkiyah Flanagan (1991-1995) is a Senior at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where she is studying media and communications.

Hannah Klain (1994-1997) is a Junior at Columbia University and spent the2012 spring semester in Paris, France. Mike Klain (1996-1999) is a Senior at Georgetown Day School and led his soccer team to the conference championships for the first time in seven years. 

Marissa Sadoff (1991-1998) is in her final year at Savannah College of Art and Design specializing in accessory design with emphasis on shoes and bags. When asked if she believes if Aidan had any impact on her choice to attend art school, Marissa remembered being involved in art within her classroom and believes that she had a foundation in art at a young age.

Eric Lewis (1991-1996) received a degree in English from Kenyon College. He is the Director of Marketing for Great Northern in Louisville, Kentucky. Eli Lewis (1993-1996) is taking classes at Montgomery College, and Ezra Lewis (1995-1999) is studying at Temple College.

Megan McDonald (1988-1991) wrote to us to tell us that she is currently attending Harvard Business School.

Danny Klain (1999-2003) is a Freshman at Georgetown Day School and participates in student government.

Witt Giannini (2004-2007) and Leopold Kristinus (2004-2007) have fond memories of Aidan, where their friendship began, and remain friends to this day.

Lisa-Anne Barrow (1998-2009) placed 3rd in the 200m and 6th in the 100m hurdles. Lisa-Anne is now ranked as an All-American National Champion. Congratulations to Lisa-Anne Barrow on her outstanding races at the Junior Olympics for Track and Field held in Kansas last summer.

Ariadne Manuel (1998-2009) is thriving at Edmund Burke School where she plays volleyball, appeared in “Hello, Dolly,” and used her Montessori training to ace Algebra.

The Khan Family: Tara (1999-2009), Yasi (2004-2010), and Sadie (2007-2010), is thriving in Malaysia where they attend the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Tara has traveled to Perth, Australia on a school drama trip. Yasi enjoys piano, singing, and insects but dreams of being an inventor. Sadie has taken to reading and writing and even keeps a journal. While traveling to Istanbul, the family enjoyed dinner at one of the city’s oldest restaurants run by the same family since the time of the Ottomans.

Emma Frohardt (2000-2010) attended eighth grade at the Potomac School. She played softball and enjoyed her English and History classes. She loves reading, cooking, and creating interior design plans. Emma will begin ninth grade at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School where she discovered an IB program that reminds her of her Montessori days.

Maggie Nixon (2000-2010) attends the Field School and during the school year, played basketball against fellow Aidan alumna Sofia Ohanian (2003-2008) who attends Edmund Burke School.

Abby Weymouth (2001-2010) placed 6th in Trampoline for age 13, level 7 at the 2011 Junior Olympics for Tumbling and Trampoline.

Willow Frohardt (2004-2010) did very well at Lafayette Elementary where she ran track (100m relay and hurdles) and discovered her athletic niche.

Evan Manuel (2001-2011) loved his first year at the Field School! He enjoyed playing on the basketball team, putting together his science project on Music & Pulse Rates, and preparing for his winter internship at Baseball America. 

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Back row: Kathy Minardi, Ashton Lindeman, Ian Smith, Lucia Braddock, Nina Gumbs, Christine Kranz Smith

Front row: Amira Clark, Serena Brown, Ariel Garfield, Sofia Brown, Kelli York