Aidan Montessori Mural Panel.jpg

The 50th Anniversary Mural is Up!

The panels were designed and painted by Aidan students in honor of 50 years of Montessori education in Washington, D.C.

Click here for a guide to the panels.

Click here for the photo in The Northwest Current newspaper.

Our 50th Anniversary

We were proud to celebrate our half century of dedication to Montessori education and our important role in the Washington community in 2011.

What began in 1961 as a mother's study group is now a vibrant Montessori community of 200 students and their families. Although Montessori education originated in the early 1900's, it enjoyed a renaissance in the 1960's. The mothers who founded Aidan were part of a movement toward progressive education that embraced Montessori as an alternative to the traditional classroom. Montessori schools sprouted all around the country - Jacqueline Kennedy even looked into Montessori for her children.  As the method became more popular, Aidan expanded from a basement, to rented classrooms and then to our own light-filled and welcoming building in historic Woodley Park. Generations of Washington families have benefited from an excellent Aidan education.

Although Aidan has changed significantly in 50 years, our mission is essentially the same. We are committed to fostering a love of learning, to educating the whole child and to helping children reach their full potential.